Sunday, August 25, 2013

Getting Creative With Nursery Decor

I recently shared that we welcomed little Lucy in June (see a picture of sweet Lucy here). Although I had these nursery projects complete before her arrival, I hadn't shared them yet. They're both pretty simple projects you could easily recreate and both would work or a sweet baby boy as well.

I knew when I started thinking about how to decorate our nursery that I would not want a particular "theme" and that I wouldn't want it to be matchy-matchy. I decided to go with a pink and green theme if you even want to call that a theme. It let me mix and match patterns and shades of each color, offering a lot of flexibility.
I took some inspiration from Pinterest for the two projects I want to share. First I created a mixed media type piece that involved a canvas and a metal cross. Here is the inspiration image:
Cross art for nursery
It was simple enough - they used a piece of wood and mounted a cross on it. I went with canvas instead and bought a metal cross to spray paint white from Hobby Lobby for about $6 (with 40% off coupon, of course).
I started with painting the canvas with a few layers of pink acrylic paint. To make sure I got all of the sides, I used thumb tacks to raise it up. I just used scrap cardboard underneath so I didn't get paint on the table.
Cross art for nursery
I added the white polka dots with a few layers of white paint. Sorry, no photo of that. Then I spray painted the cross with a few layers of matte white spray paint, letting it dry thoroughly between layers.
Cross art for nursery
Once everything was dry, I used E6000 glue (You know, the really strong adhesive) to make sure the cross stayed put - it was kind of heavy since it was metal. I stacked several hardcover books on top of it for a few days to make sure it was securely attached, and it worked. Here is the final product:
Cross art for nursery
The second project I did from some Pinterest inspiration was a nursery collage like this one:
Nursery Collage
This project is a little easier. You could use fabric, but I chose to go with scrapbook paper. It's easier to narrow down what you want to use and is a more economical route. I picked out pieces with green and pink since that's the overall theme, and I also picked out a sheet with only green and a sheet with only pink to balance it out.

I also picked up some old frames from a garage sale and purchased the rest. The garage sale frames got a few coats of matte white spray paint (are you sensing a white spray paint theme in the nursery?), and I let them dry thoroughly between coats.

After looking at my scrapbook paper options and frame arrangement options I decided to go with this:
Nursery Collage
I love that I can switch up what's in each frame to refresh the wall too.
Both projects were relatively simple and give the nursery a personal touch. They also would be easy to do for a sweet baby boy too.