Thursday, July 25, 2013

Introducing Our Baby Girl!

Our sweet baby girl arrived last month! We have been adjusting to our new schedules, but are enjoying every minute!

We were back and forth on names and had it narrowed down to just a few options by the time we were at the hospital. I'm a planner at heart so that is kind of surprising. We wanted a name that wasn't a super popular, top-twenty type name and what we landed on really fits her personality perfectly.

Introducing Lucy!

You'll have to excuse the lag in posts...more fun to come, just maybe a little slower, and maybe a little more baby related!

Also, I wanted to share a fun resource for moms-to-be, especially first timers. I found Lucie's List extremely helpful along the pregnancy journey...telling me what to expect, what to register for etc. and none of it was sugar coated, which I appreciate. There are so many products out there for babies, and it's completely overwhelming for a first time mom. Lucie's List provided a lot of really helpful information and insight. They even have an email list you can sign up for, which I recommend, and a registry checklist, which I also recommend consulting. Tell all your mom-to-be friends - they'll thank you!