Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Cutest Dress I Ever Made

What do these two fabrics have in common?
Making a toddler dress
Not much until I made a reversible dress using them together. They don't match. They don't have to though - that's the beauty of a reversible dress. You can put any two fabrics you like together and it works because you only see one at a time.

I mentioned before that I got a sewing machine last summer and have been working on learning how to use it. I've been gathering project ideas and my soon-to-be-a-mother self has been brainstorming tons of ideas for baby-related projects of course.
I decided to get some formal training, so I took a 4-week class at a local fabric boutique (I'm not sure that's a real term but I'm making it one - it's basically a really cute shop with really cute fabric) where I learned basics of reading a pattern and sewing clothing. I was supposed to learn to read a pattern but let's be honest...it's difficult for a novice. I am sure that some brands of patterns are easier than others but I'm not sure I could completely understand what to do from a pattern without a little help from a veteran. Practice will make perfect, right?

I got to choose what I wanted to sew from a few patterns and I chose a simple toddler dress. I also chose to make it reversible instead of just making it with a lining. Might as well make it double duty I think. It will be perfect for my baby girl in about a year, which is the perfect season for fun, colorful dresses and perfect for the fabrics above. Picking the fabric was hard for me - I saw so many options that I really liked. I ended up going a little bold on one side (the pink and orange combo above) and then making the other side a more calm, but so cute, pattern (green with polka dots).

Over 3 of the 4 weeks of the class, we cut out the patterns, measured and cut the fabric to the pattern shape, sewed through all the steps for the outfit of our choosing and assembled the piece. I even did button holes, which I learned are super easy on my machine.  Some others in the class had more complex button hole functions, so I was thankful mine was so straight forward. I even learned about the proper "foot" to use for that. I had no idea!

In the end, I wrapped up my project and am loving the results. Sure, I can see some imperfections here and there because I know what areas I'll improve on next time, but overall, I think it turned out beautifully. What do you think?
Side one: 
Making a toddler dress
 Side two:
Making a toddler dress
A close up of the button choices for each side:
Making a toddler dress
Making a toddler dress
I look forward to trying out some more fabrics on some more dresses like this one. Now that I have a pretty good understanding of this pattern, I can create other dresses...just need to narrow down the fabric options - easier said than done with so many gorgeous options out there!