Thursday, May 16, 2013

Baby Shower Love

Baby girl will be arriving hopefully in about 5 weeks so things have been a little busy around here! There's plenty to do in preparation for her arrival, but the one of the fun parts is the baby showers. I love getting to spend some time with friends, family and co-workers at the showers. Some of these people I don't see nearly often enough, so getting to see them and talk about everything from names, to diaper changing advice, to their labor stories is so much fun.
I have to share about one recent shower in my husband's hometown in North Alabama. It had several hostesses and they did such a great job with planning and decorating, and of course, food.

The overall theme was Sugar and Spice. The adorable invitation introduced the theme and the hostesses carried it throughout. The food table below feature pennant banners that said "sugar" and "spice"...
Baby Shower
...and the gift table featured a pennant banner that said "everything nice"
Baby Shower
 I love all the girly, pink patterns on the paper they used for the pennants. Of course the food was sweet and spicy too - they tied it in so well! The punch bowl even had a custom-made tu-tu - how cute is that? It was made from a baby headband (the stretchy kind) and tulle. So creative!
Baby Shower Punch Bowl Tu Tu
I also couldn't forget to show you the amazing cookies - they had flowers, onesies and simple squares, all perfectly decorated. I feel like cookies this pretty wouldn't taste good - you usually have one or the other - pretty or tasty. These were actually really delicious. I think I could have eaten 5...maybe that's the baby talking though!
Baby Shower Cookies
For fun, the hostesses did a bingo game where guests filled in a blank bingo sheet with gifts they expected I'd receive at the shower. Then, as I opened gifts, they marked off the ones I received, all trying to bingo first. It was a really great way to involve everyone while gifts were being opened. Bingo winners got Sweet Pea body wash, which was of course pink. Very fitting!
They also did this really cute activity for guests to contribute to involving diapers and messages. I've never seen it at a shower but would recommend it if you're planning one. Guests were encouraged to take a diaper (or multiple diapers), and write a message on it for Will and I to find during those late-night diaper changes. For fun, we haven't looked at them but I saw a few that were really funny like "hope it doesn't stink" and "what did you feed her??" I'm sure we'll be entertained by them soon enough!
Baby Shower Games
One of my hostesses made the cutest "corsage" for me to wear too. It had the bright pink that I love and some burlap with stripes (did you know I love burlap?). It was adorable!
Baby Shower Corsage
And for good measure, here's a shot of me with my sister-in-law to be, Emily and my sister-in-law, Carrie. They were some of the hostesses that helped make the shower such a fun success.
Baby Shower
And of course my husband Will had to come help load gifts after the shower was over:
Baby Shower
I had a really nice shower at work this week as well. I am blessed to be surrounded by co-workers who are as thoughtful and sweet at mine are. I unfortunately did not take any pictures but I can tell you everything was so perfectly coordinated and I loved getting to catch up with everyone. They did a great job and definitely spoiled baby girl! We have lots of moms that I know will be a great resource for all things baby, which I am thankful for.
More to come soon on the baby girl. We've still got plenty to do but we cannot wait for her arrival!