Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Big Kitchen Reveal

I've been sharing the progress of our kitchen renovation week by week - see week 1, week 2 and week 3 for all the details and pictures along the way. Also make sure to see the before shots here so you get the full effect.  We've completed everything and our kitchen is back in one piece finally (thank goodness!), so I'm excited to share the finished product!
Disclaimer: I am not a professional photographer by any means. I do have a fancy camera and enjoy using it but that doesn't mean these are perfect images. Enjoy!
The whole kitchen:
Kitchen Renovation | Burlap With Lace
Each side:
Kitchen Renovation | Burlap With Lace
Kitchen Renovation | Burlap With Lace
Raised cabinet above the new above-the-range microwave and our fancy stove:
Kitchen Renovation | Burlap With Lace
The new built-in refrigerator:
Kitchen Renovation | Burlap With Lace
From the far end:
Kitchen Renovation | Burlap With Lace
And the eat-in kitchen. Love that light fixture:
Kitchen Renovation | Burlap With Lace 
Kitchen Renovation | Burlap With Lace
 Now that you've seen it, what do you think?
The herringbone tile pattern was one of my favorite touches. It was a simple treatment for a simple tile but the outcome was the perfect choice for us as far as style goes. And it's not one of those trendy finishes that we'll regret a few years down the road. We're not the let's-do-what's-trendy-this-very-minute people. This is a look you could easily create in your own kitchen.
We also loved how the simple moulding added to the cabinets really upped the sophistication factor and made the kitchen look a lot higher end. Adding the built-in cabinet around the new refrigerator also gave a very custom look. Those two things are smaller changes that you can apply to your own renovation pretty easily.
The lighting changes really made the whole kitchen shine, no pun intended. The fluorescent lights and poorly illuminating eat-in fixture were dated and weren't providing the light we were looking for. The recessed lighting that replaced the fluorescent fixtures along with the new eat-in fixture really make the kitchen feel a lot more modern.
Of course the granite and new appliances are nice too. The renovation wouldn't be where it ended up without them and we are really enjoying both. I can't say I miss the cream Formica counter tops that stained within seconds of spills!
I hope you've enjoyed the weekly updates and like the final product. We love it! Let us know what you like the most!

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  1. From simple to fabulous! That's how I can describe you and your kitchen reno journey. Renovation is really a difficult task but seeing result like this, it's definitely paid all the hard work. Anyway, I love cooking so my favorite spot is the kitchen; I like how spacious it is where you can move a lot while cooking delicious meal for my family.

    Matilda Lemons