Monday, March 18, 2013

Kitchen Renovation: Week Two

Last week I posted about week 1 of our kitchen renovation - check it out here. It was pretty amazing to both Will and me just how much a few days of small changes made. Getting rid of the fluorescent fixtures and replacing with recessed lights, swapping the pantry and refrigerator placement and adding cabinet moulding all seem like small changes separately but together they equal some major change. We're loving seeing our kitchen renovation dreams become reality!
Week 2 was the waiting game though. Nothing else can happen until our granite countertops are installed, which is scheduled for next week. The first week the granite company came and templated the countertops so everything will fit perfectly, but it takes awhile to get it cut to fit.
So during the waiting game, I had several of these:
Bagel Pizzas
Bagel pizzas! It's like Bagel Bites for adults. They're toaster friendly which is perfect when you don't have appliances, and you can top them with whatever you're in the mood for (olives and pepperonis in my case). I used whole wheat bagels to make them a little healthier. One piece of advice though: They turn out better when you lightly toast them before topping them--it prevents sogginess.
Next week will be more exciting - granite countertops will be installed, the mystery back splash will be revealed and you'll get to see which fancy faucet we chose (That's overwhelming by the'd expect it to be so simple, but there are so many choices.) Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Claire! I saw your kitchen blog via Facebook. I am enjoying watching the progress. My fiancé and I are looking to update his kitchen soon and your kitchen is set up almost exactly the same.

  2. Hey Suzanne! Glad you are liking it - it's been fun and I'm looking forward to revealing the finished product. I hope you'll get some good ideas for your fiancé's kitchen!