Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Subway Sign Flop

Sometimes projects just don't work out the way you expect them to. Sometimes they just flop. It's an unfortunate risk you take when trying out something new, but it's worth the risk. I mentioned I'd share the flops along with the successes from the beginning and here's a good one.

Last year I pinned this Auburn subway sign. I loved it!
Auburn Subway Sign
I am a big Auburn fan (and a grad, War Eagle!) , so having a subway sign with the Auburn fight song sounded pretty amazing. Making it myself sounded even better.
I'd also pinned this
Subway sign
and this
Subway sign
so I thought it seemed pretty straight forward and decided to try it. I purchased a few different fonts of stickers in different sizes to give a little interest. I also used my friend's Cricut and sticker paper to create some of the phrases I still needed after buying stickers. The stickers ended up being more expensive than I expected. In hindsight, I should have used the Cricut for all the letters and should have used contact paper. Reading through several tutorials gives me this conclusion.
I painted the entire canvas with orange acrylic paint, the color I wanted the letters to be, and then drew marks at the same point on each side, connecting them with a ruler so my lines would be straight. Then I applied all the stickers. Look how nice it looks!
Subway sign flop
I should have noticed how un-sticky the stickers were was a sign of what was to come. Next up, spray paint. I carefully applied the spray paint as evenly as I could and then let it dry. Time to peel...and that's when I knew this was a flop. Lots of the navy spray paint bled through where stickers were not sticky enough, and the colored stickers (see pink W below) also bled onto the orange.
Subway sign flop

Subway sign flop
 So this one didn't work out. I think in hindsight, using a Cricut and contact paper would be the way to go. I'll try again one day! Anyone have any tips other than contact paper and a Cricut? Anyone had similar flops?

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