Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Little Trip to New Orleans

My husband Will and I recently took a quick trip to New Orleans to celebrate my friend Genevieve's birthday. Genevieve & her husband Greg are New Orleans natives and moved back there in the last few years. We've been down several times before and I went a lot with Genevieve before meeting Will. Anyway, Greg and Genevieve are the perfect tour guides, making sure we have plenty of fun things to do, see and of course, eat when we visit. The food is pretty amazing in New Orleans and they know all the best spots like only a local would. Whether you want crawfish, shrimp and grits, a po-boy or even a beignet, they can advise you on exactly where to go.
While on our trip, there were two places we ate that are worth sharing. The first was Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar on St. Charles. Check us out...sorry the lighting was weird!
With plenty of authentic Louisiana cuisine options to choose from, you're sure to find something just right. I went with the Shrimp and Grits. A classic I know, but they just can't be beat. With over-sized shrimp, perfect grits with a tasso cream sauce, these were perfection!
Shrimp & Grits at Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar 
Will got an Oyster Platter with several kinds of oysters including char-grilled and Angels on Horseback, which is lightly fried, bacon wrapped oysters. He said it was really good.
Oysters at Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar 
We also made a stop at one of the best places to get a Po-Boy in uptown - Guys Po-Boys - for shrimp po-boys and fries. This cash-only Po-Boy shop certainly isn't anything fancy but it's a great stop for a Po-Boy while you're in town. Located on Magazine Street, it's just down from plenty of shops and other eateries. It's probably best to plan on getting it to go because there are only about 3 tables in this small, corner lot establishment, but you'll be glad you stopped in. Whether you want a shrimp po-boy, or a roast beef po-boy, or even a gator po-boy, this is the place uptown. Sorry, no food po-boy picture...we ate it too quickly! Here's a pic of the outside of Guy's Po-Boys though:
Guy's Poboys in New Orleans 
One other really tasty thing we had while we were there was chocolate doberge cake. I'd never heard of it but it's a cake originating in New Orleans and made with many thin layers of cake, alternating with pudding between the layers. And it was to die for! So rich and satisfying. The one we had was from Gambino's. I started off splitting a piece with my husband but it wasn't long before I'd gotten my own piece. Look at all those layers!
Doberge Cake - pudding between the layers!
All in all, we had a great trip, food and all, and can't wait to make a return visit sometime soon!

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