Sunday, January 20, 2013

Back Splash Inspiration

My husband and I are getting ready to begin a kitchen renovation. It's a large project we knew we wanted to take on when we bought our home a few years ago, and we are both excited to finally be getting to it. I'd love to tell you we were DIYing the whole thing but it involves some things just a bit over our heads like swapping the location of a pantry and the refrigerator and building a built-in unit for the refrigerator, so we are utilizing the expertise of a design firm.

One aspect of the renovation that we both think can bring a big punch as far as design goes is the back splash  Renovating a kitchen means you're drawing inspiration from other finished products/projects. I've spent lots of time poring over Pinterest, Houzz, some magazines and the interweb in general to get some ideas from what other people have done. Here are some of my favorite back splash inspirations and what I love about them:

Quatrefoil backsplash
So beautiful. I've since found out this kind of beauty costs way, way more than my budget allows, but a girl can dream right?

Penny tile and its wonders:
Penny Tile
John and Sherry over at Young House Love did an amazing DIY kitchen renovation and introduced me to penny tile. I love the look of the small tile in such a consistent pattern.

Herringbone Pattern (with subway tile):
Herringbone backsplash
This is essentially just a pattern created using subway tile but I think it's a really eye catching twist on simple subway tile.

Iridescent tile:
Kitchen Inspiration
or this:
Kitchen inspiration
The first picture has long, skinny iridescent tile and the second picture has tiny mosaics with an iridescent finish. Both give a nice hint of sparkle and shine without being too overbearing I think.

Splash of color:
Green backsplash
This back splash provides a splash of color to this kitchen with darker cabinets. We have cabinets in a very similar color, so I like that the green brightens it up.

Diagonal tile backsplash
This is a simple twist on plain, square tile but it is a nice variation from the linear pattern you get when applied in rows. You could get really fancy with travertine or marble tile too.

I'm not sure what we'll choose but these all provide some ideas to inspire!

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