Saturday, November 3, 2012

Project Burp Cloths

Last week I shared some sewing projects I'm interested in trying out - see the post here. I decided to give these burp cloths a try:

I have a baby shower coming up for a friend and thought these would make a nice gift with a bit of a personal touch. The instructions on this tutorial were helpful but read on below for a bit more detail. I'm a sewing newbie so sometimes I need really thorough instructions (and then sometimes I still don't get it!). If you're like me, this may be helpful.

Items needed
-Sewing machine
-Cloth diapers (I used Gerber)
-Fabric to use for center strip of each diaper (I used fat quarters and that was more than enough, but measure your diaper and add about a half inch extra on each side)
-Matching thread
-Ribbon (optional, for wrapping)

1. Start by washing both your cloth diapers and your fabrics to be used. I always do this. You don't want to work on something only to have it shrink the first time it's washed and become warped. After washing, you will need to iron the cloth diapers and the fabric.

2. You want the fabric to cover the center, more padded part of the diaper. Determine how much is needed for this and add a half inch to each side (Step 3 explains why you need the extra.). Cut each piece of fabric.

3. Fold the fabric under a half inch on each side and pin it in place with a straight pin. Using a sewing gauge to determine where to fold really helped me. Press it with a warm iron to create a nice fold and then remove the pins. This will give you a clean hem when you sewing the fabric onto the cloth diaper.
Easy Burp Cloth Tutorial
4. Once the hem is ironed on each side, place the fabric design side up (like you want it to be sewn) over the middle, more padded part of the diaper. Using straight pins, pin the fabric in place on the diaper.
Easy Burp Cloth Tutorial
5. Using your sewing machine, sew all four sides of the fabric onto the diaper using matching thread.  Take the pins out as you go.

6. You're done. Stand back and admire your work! That wasn't so hard, was it?

Here are the four burp cloths I created. The mom-to-be has decided to wait to find out if it's a boy or girl, so I used gender-neutral fabrics:

Easy Burp Cloth Tutorial
This is optional of course, but for a nicer presentation once the mom-to-be opened this, I rolled each diaper cloth and tied it with a ribbon. I just folded the plain strips of the diaper cloth under the patterned area and rolled them.

Easy Burp Cloth Tutorial

All in all, this was a pretty easy project. Getting the fabric exactly straight and even was a little difficult, but I found a sewing gauge tool helped greatly. If you don't have one, a regular ruler would work fine. You would just need to make sure to turn each fold under half an inch so it's even.

Have you made burp cloths before? If so, was there a tutorial you used? Maybe one day I'll try the other burp cloths I mentioned in my post last week about sewing projects I want to try!

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