Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sew Easy?

Yes, that's a pun in the title. I'm a sewing newbie - I just got my first sewing machine this summer and I have been hard at work figuring it out. I've got the needle threading down, so that's good, right?

I'm looking for beginner level projects to try. Pinterest has made locating some projects so much easier. There are plenty of pins for "beginner level projects" and "easy sewing projects" out there and I've pinned quite a few on my Sewing board and continue to. I thought I'd share some of my favorite project ideas - you can click on the title or the image to find the tutorial:

A compilation of bag tutorials - Bags seem like an easy and functional project.
Sewing Tutorial: Totes
A really cute burp cloth tutorial - These are made using cloth diapers as a base.
Burp Cloth Tutorial
And these other cute burp cloths - These are from scratch but look pretty straightforward.
Burp Cloth Tutorial
These adorable embellished flour sack towels - These seem easy to personalize to your kitchen's decor and are so cute!
Embellished Tea Towel Tutorial
These fun place mats - I love that you can personalize them to match decor, holiday etc.
Sewing: Placemat Tutorial
This cute baby minky blanket - Okay, so it may take some non-beginner skill but I'd like to try it eventually.
Minky Baby Blanket Tutorial
If you're not so new to sewing, what are the best tips can you share? What projects do you recommend for a sewing novice?

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