Thursday, October 18, 2012

Adding a Touch of Fall

I live in The South. It may be October, but it's warm here still, and will be for awhile. Last week, we had a cold front that came through, teasing us about the cooler weather to come...enough for us ladies to break out our boots, but we know the 70s will be back soon enough.

This, along with the fact that Halloween is a few weeks away, had me thinking about a Fall wreath for our front door. I knew I wanted to make one, and I knew I didn't want to spend much. I also knew I'd pinned about 10 wreath links on Pinterest, so I started there. I pinned this one last year.

Ribbon Wreath Tutorial

After looking through several links, I decided to make this one from The Long Thread, but in orange instead of the gray ribbon. Orange seems "Fall appropriate" and like something I might be able to use in the Spring as well, so I went on the hunt for bulk ribbon online. I found this ribbon on and the price was perfect at $10 for 50 yards (more than this requires). The little spools of ribbon would have cost me a LOT more than this one. I also bought a foam wreath base as Michael's for around $4 with a coupon.

Using this tutorial, I created my wreath. It's a very beginner-level project and this tutorial is pretty good. It only took about an hour to create. The only extra tip I can provide is that twisting your knots after you tie them helps. I used a basic square knot and after it was secured, I just twisted each one around 180 degrees. It seems to make them stand up "straight" better. See my finished product below:

Ribbon Wreath Tutorial

If you wanted to go a little different, you could use fabric strips instead of ribbon, or you could use different ribbons to make it interesting, maybe pinks and purples and polka dots for a baby girl? If you don't like the traditional Christmas wreaths, you could use green and red (or just red maybe) ribbon to make it Christmas-y. Lots of options to customize it for your needs! There are plenty of wreath tutorials available. What is your favorite wreath you've created?

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